Camp Shakespeare Reviews & Photos

Camp Shakespeare was “the best experience my children had the entire summer, and the Hamptons has quite a lot of summer camps. It has been a thrill for us as well as them.”

Camp Shakespeare has an “almost magical ability to turn what so many find daunting into riveting exercises that the children described simply as ‘fun.’”

“What I didn’t realize was the extent to which the children would comfortably interact with each other, bonding together as one large group while at the same time having fun with Shakespeare... Their enjoyment and happiness shone through their performances.”

- Camp Shakespeare Parents

“‘It was an awesome experience,’ said 12-year-old Leah Fromm, who attended Camp Shakespeare for the first time this summer. ‘I learned a lot about Shakespearean language.’”

“‘I would love to do it again -- we’ve all made new friends,’ said Ava Garabedian, 12.”

- The Southampton Press

“The general mood among the actors before and after the performance was clearly one of excitement and happiness. Many said they were sad that the week was over and intended to be back next year.”

“Amelia Shapiro, who has attended the camp for seven years, said, ‘There’s an amazing sense of community here. It’s nice to be with people who like Shakespeare as much as I do.’”

- The East Hampton Star