Praise for the Hamptons Shakespeare Festival

“An annual summer Shakespeare Festival is one of the main occasions for communal fun in many towns in America. A splendid local instance is the 6-year-old Hamptons Shakespeare Festival.”
   - Donald Lyons, New York Post

“The Hamptons Shakespeare Festival celebrates this ‘Twelfth Night’ revelry of poetry, song and romantic farce as if it were for the first time... This ‘Twelfth Night’ casts a spell of midsummer mirth.”
   - Steve Parks, Newsday

“As night falls, junebugs and actors zoom madly across the stage and its grassy perimeter, giddy with purposeful energy.”
   - The New Yorker

“Mr. Brandenburg’s music and Kathy Ferrara’s choreography and pretty effects, like distant trees lighted up, spread joy.”
   - Alvin Klein, The New York Times

The Hamptons Shakespeare Festival produced “one of the best productions of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING that I’ve ever seen.”
   - Robert Zukerman, Theatre Program Director, New York State Council on the Arts

“The Hamptons Shakespeare Festival has, in its five years of energetic existence, gained a rightful reputation as a highly skilled and uniquely courageous company of young people who possess a truckload of imagination and vigor and flair... But, none of their productions so far has registered higher on the pleasure scale than their present delightful romp through ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.”
   - Lee Davis, The Southampton Press

“When Rosalind takes all the threads of amorous silliness into her hands and smartly unknots them, settling everybody’s love-hash with brisk brio, the production gets up and dances.”
   - Donald Lyons, The Wall Street Journal

The Hamptons Shakespeare Festival “sizzles with youthful energy.”
   - Patsy Southgate, The East Hampton Star

“And that’s another wonder of this production. There’s plenty of rough and tumble and roguery, fights and flights and dances. But there’s also careful, nuanced subtlety, interior agonies in the midst of pretense, cleansing moments of exquisite tenderness in the middle of mayhem.”
   - Lee Davis, The Southampton Press

“It was magic. Children from Southampton to Montauk and their families on blankets under the stars, returning night after night.”
   - Richard Avedon, Photographer